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🎵Introduction of the band :

We are an experimental folk-rock outfit based out of Auroville and we tell our tale through music. Gowwli in literal sense means Lizards, which symbolises survival and regeneration; A Tale of a Tail – An eternal cycle of transformation through music. Gowwli is a folk multi-genre, multi-lingual experimental folk rock band that believes in transforming and recreating themselves through music.

🎶 Genre – Multi- Genre ( Folk, Rock Jazz, Blues ….)
🗣 Language – Multi- language( Malayalam, Tamil and English)

Band Members :

🎤 Bovas Kuruvilla – Rhythm guitarist / Vocals
🎤 Akshai K Ashokan- Lead Guitarist / Vocals
🛢 Swaroop Thottakara- Drummer
🎤 Jaijea John Kuruvilla – Bass Guitarist / Vocals

🎊Awards and Recognition:

Gowwli was recognised by Pondicherry Tourism as the Frontiers of Cultural Exchange Performers for the year 2022

🎙Recent Performances:

Nila Festival – Palakkad
Lalaland Festival – Goa
Independence Day Festival(opened for Girish and the Chronicles) – Chennai
13DB Festivals – Pondicherry
Remembering Veenapani Festival – Adishakti Theatre- Pondicherry
Pondy Beach Festival – Organised by Pondicherry Tourism
Ocean Festival – Organised by Tsunamika and Pondicherry Tourism
Madras Commune – Chennai
Tantrotasvam Festival – Kalarigram – Pondicherry

Apart from the above we have been playing in the Pondicherry circuit which includes venues like Catamaran, Blue Whale Anandha Inn, Art Brute, Residency inn and many other venues in and around Pondicherry.

Band Videos and social media

✴Youtube New Release – Lizard Tales Official Music Video

✴Spotify – Lizard Tales- Spotify

✴Showreels Drive – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/123wGH0EzmazzXXk2je5i4m111bnR2JEq

✴Instagram – Gowwli Instagram

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