Agyaani Agyaani

Agyaani is Jaipur’s homegrown DJ, rapper, song writer, percussionist and musician who makes bilingual music in multiple genres who makes an bilingual music in multiple genres. He was inclined towards music from an early age and made his debut after college in 2018. He is one of the the first battle rapper from Rajasthan to be part of a big battle rap league like Battle Bars Bombay (Owned by Poetik, Justis, Noxious D and Elsewhere Records).

He has worked with big names like MC Heam, TDDP, Frontrow, and Rajasthan Hip Hop Cypher for battle rap and songs. Among all the places he has performed, the most popular stages were Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur and JLN Stadium, Delhi. 

He released a song under the Dolly Rateshwar’s brand named Dharavi Dream Project and has also helped to run their battle rap league called RANSANGRAM. One of his songs got mentioned in magazines like WTS India.

He instantly grabbed buzz and played in multiple clubs in the first year of musical debut. Taught by great DJs like FuncMyLife, he was appreciated by veteran DJs like Zaenex, DJ Sagar, DJ Ashu and DJ Tarun. He also released a Mixtape named NIGHT OF DEAD on 31 October 2019.

My performance:-

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